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ARTIST PROFILE :: Tim Darbyshire at Rhizome

May 08, 2014 07:05

Tim Darbyshire is a dancer and choreographer from Australia whose works question how abstract ideas can be translated through movement and the body outside of traditional dance vocabulary. While Tim was on an Asialink residency at Rhizome in Lijiang, we filmed a snippet of his work-in progress and interviewed him about the experience:

China Residencies: Tell us about the inspiration behind this piece.
Tim Darbyshire: I’m interested in body as luggage, as an object that doesn’t have it’s own autonomy. Also, I've been exploring martial arts training, kungfu, tai chi, qigong  — obviously China is the birthplace of a ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Ross Kelly at Global Exchange Center Artists Residence

March 06, 2014 18:52

Multimedia artist and photographer Ross Kelly tells us about his time at the Global Exchange Center Artists Residence in Beijing.

China Residencies: What sparked your interest in China?
Ross Kelly: I had completed several works in China before and had been looking for an opportunity to return to photograph some more. It's something I have wanted to do for several years. Also, I wanted to look into accessing the Chinese art market and see if there were any possibilities to show my work there.

CR: Your work often addresses themes of urbanism, mapping, and borders. Is travel an integral part of your practice?
RK: I w ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Barbara Suen at Imagine Gallery

February 21, 2014 02:46

Barbara Suen was an artist-in-residency at Imagine Gallery in 2011, generously funded by the Ontario Arts Council. She reached out to tell us about her experiences and the international collaborations that arose from her time in China.

China Residencies: What sparked your interest in China?
Barbara Suen: I am a Canadian of Chinese ethnicity. My great-grandfather was one of Canada’s first Chinese settlers, so I am extremely interested in deepening my knowledge and appreciation of my heritage culture.

CR: Did you apply with a specific project idea in mind, or were you looking for inspiration on the spot?
BS: I ha ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Thomas Wunsch at the Huantie Times Art Museum

February 03, 2014 00:58

Artist Thomas Wunsch, who digitally manipulates photographs into abstract expressionist creations, tells us about his incredible experience on residency during the spring of 2013 at the Huantie Times Artist Residency Program in Beijing.

China Residencies: What sparked your interest in China?
Thomas Wunsch: I had never been to China before, but I've had an interest in the country for a long time. With all the conflicting news I was hearing about China, I thought I should go and check it out for myself. I have travelled and worked extensively in other countries in Asia, but I had a hunch that China would be com ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Mark Rumsey at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel

January 31, 2014 01:26

Artist Mark Rumsey was an artist in residence at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai in 2013.

China Residencies: What sparked your interest in China?
Mark Rumsey: At university, I participated in a study abroad program at East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai. It was the first international trip I had taken out of the United States and it had a major impact on my understanding of the world. I had always wanted to return and see how Shanghai had changed, so when I learned about the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, I applied.

CR: How did you hear about the Swatch residency?
MR: As an artist half of my job is appl ... Read More

ARTIST PROFILE :: Tommy Ting at Organhaus

January 04, 2014 20:19

Artist Tommy Ting was an artist in residence at Organhaus in Chongqing over the summer of 2013. We reached out over email to hear more about his time there:

China Residencies: What sparked your interest in China? How did you hear about Organhaus? 
Tommy Ting: I lived and studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing from 2008 to 2009. When I started doing some research into possible residencies in China I wanted a different experience so I purposely looked at cities away from Beijing and Shanghai. Organhaus appealed to me because they have a strong and dynamic exhibition program. They also have a long h ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Avigail Talmor at Da Wang Culture Highland

January 04, 2014 18:26

Avigail Talmor, an artist and painter from Israel, was invited to spend a month long residency at Da Wang Culture Highland in Shenzhen. This residency opportunity arose from a collaboration between Residency Unlimited, Da Wang, and China Residencies to offer a residency in China as part of RU's annual fundraising raffle

Avigail's work is concerned with the relations between the institutionalized and private, personal and public spaces. Her painting series of Checkpoints observe the non places that exist in our architectural surroundings, exploring the contradiction between security and threat.  

Av ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE: Tai Project (Contemporary Yunnan 943 Studio)

December 11, 2013 03:10

We visited Tai Project (formerly Contemporary Yunnan 943 Studio) in Kunming (where Kay Lawrence recently completed an eco-art residency) to speak with the space's founder and director, Liu Lifen:

China Residencies:  How many residents do you host and what is recommended length of stay?
Liu Lifen: Lately, we've had assistants run this program full time so we can accept 5 to 6 artists each year who stay at minimum for one month and up to six months on residency. We don't really take artists for less than a month, we prefer at least two or three months. One month is just too fast. But overall, the artist's application is much mor ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Kay Lawrence at Tai Project (Contemporary Yunnan 943 Studio)

December 08, 2013 21:27

Australian artist Kay Lawrence was Greening the Beige's eco-artist in residence at Tai Project (formerly Contemporary Yunnan 943 Studio) in Kunming for the month of November 2013. Kay approaches ecology through documentary practices and traditions of handiwork related to textiles. She’s a photographer; but also a textile artist, writer, sculptor and environmental advocate.

She shares her impressions as she closes her residency in Kunming:

My task in this residency is to focus on environmental issues, particularly water, in Yunnan, in an effort to raise awareness, problem-solve and connect with others. My ...

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December 05, 2013 17:40

HomeShop is a lively community of artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs and creative minds the midst of Beijing's hutong alleyways. Originally, HomeShop started as a storefront arts initiative that has since organically grown into an open platform to question existing models of economic and artistic production. 

We sat down in HomeShop's kitchen to chat with one of the collective's co-organizers Twist Qu:

China Residencies: Tell us what Homeshop does?
Qu: We hold events here with our neighbors. Exchanges, swaps, people exchange things that they do not often use, that maybe someone else needs. We offer many differ ...

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DANCE :: Ping Pong Productions

November 20, 2013 22:18

While in Beijing, we met up with Alison Friedman, one of the pioneers of international exchange through dance. While her company, Ping Pong Productions isn't a residency program per say, Alison's perspective on creative exchange and the world of modern dance is valuable for any aspiring dancer or choreographer looking to explore China. 

China Residencies: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.
Alison Friedman: I'm the founder and director of Ping Pong Productions, and our mission is to bring China and the world together through the performing arts. We do that by bringing Chinese performing artists to ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Trésor Malaya at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel

October 14, 2013 21:56

In Shanghai, we visited the Swatch Peace Art Hotel residency program, hosted on two full floors of a luxury hotel on the Bund. We spoke with artist Trésor Malaya:

CR: How did you hear about the Swatch Peace Art Hotel residency?
TM: A friend send me the link and told me I could apply. So I started filling out the application but stopped when they asked for an application fee. I didn't want to pay, but I guess the application had already gone through. One month later, I got a phone call saying I was accepted, even if I couldn't pay the application fee. That's how I got here.
[ed. note - the application fee is a donation to Doctors Without Bor ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Thea Baumann at W+K+

October 11, 2013 01:07

Shanghai is home to many advertising agencies, including the powerhouse firm Wieden + Kennedy. They recently launched W+K+, a co-working space for creatives. We sat down with Thea Baumann after touring the offices to talk about China, tech, and an app that sends holograms shooting out of your nails.

CR: Tell us a bit about your background and how you got interested in China. 
TB: I began my creative technology experience working for Media Arts Asia Pacific, one of the first mappers of media arts practices in the Asia Pacific region. I started as a content producer, looking at some of the first waves of net art coming out of ...

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Rate My Artist Residency China Month

October 10, 2013 21:58

Rate My Artist Residency is a new website created by artist Katrina Neumann to allow artists to leave direct feedback about artist residencies they attend. Spurred by an experience at a residency that didn't quite align with her expectations, Katrina committed herself to increasing transparency by building a public forum for artists to share their experiences. It's about "artists helping artists" as Katrina spells out in RMAR's mission statement

Using simple forms, artists can declare "I had the time of my life, everyone apply now!" or, inversely, "Please, give me my money and time back." The site also acknowledge ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE: Red Gate Residency - Nina

October 02, 2013 04:25

In our last installment about Red Gate Gallery's residency program, we sat down with Nina, the residency coordinator.

China Residencies: In your role as residency coordinator, what is your main responsibility?
Nina: I help the artists figure out how to get around in Beijing, and help them accomplish their projects.

CR: What's the most important aspect of an artist residency in China?
N: I think the most important thing for residencies is to engage in the community. If artist only stay in their studios without engaging in other activities, then it doesn't make sense them to leave home to come to a whole new environmen ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE: Red Gate Residency - Tang Zehui

August 29, 2013 18:09

Red Gate Residency is run by a full-time staff of two: residency director Tang Zehui, and residency coordinator, Nina. We interviewed them both to find out more, here's Zehui' perspective on the program:

CR: Tell us the basics about Red Gate Residency:
Tang Zehui: Red Gate Residency was founded in 2001, we're celebrating the 12th anniversary this year. Over the years, we've hosted over 500 artists, and on average we host 70 a year. At any given time there are 8 to 12 artists in the residency, in our 6 studios in the artist community Feijiacun, outside of Beijing, and 3 apartments downtown in Tuanjiehu.

CR: What are some opportuni ... Read More

RESIDENCY PROFILE: Red Gate Residency - Brian Wallace

August 28, 2013 21:19

Red Gate Gallery in Beijing is one of the largest and longest-running residencies in China, run in conjunction with Red Gate Gallery. We interviewed Red Gate's founder & director, Brian Wallace, about the residency's origins and structure:

China Residencies: How did the residency program start?
Brian Wallace: In the 1990s, we worked with AsiaLink who sent us an artist every year on a grant for a couple months. By the time they were settling in, it was time for them to go home. We thought that was a little frustrating, year in and year out. So we organized to rent an apartment, put the word out and got a whole lot of applicant ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE: Global Exchange Artist Residency

August 22, 2013 17:11

Today, we're introducing a new residency in western Beijing, N&G Global Exchange Artist Residency, an offshoot of an arts focused publishing company. We learned more about the debuting program over email from program director Michael Wang.

China Residencies: N&G is a joint venture publishing company and art consultancy. Can you tell us about some of the publications and printing projects N&G has organized since 2010?
N&G: We have done a few digital publishing and printing outsourcing projects on photography books since 2010.  We are planning to arrange our first independently organized art exhibition lat ... Read More

PAST RESIDENT PROJECT: Where does nature begin and end?

August 15, 2013 18:33

As part of China Residencies' research, we also interviewed many artists and and residency directors about the projects undertaken while on residency in China. We asked Jay Brown, Lijiang Studio's director, to tell us about one of the most marking projects created by resident artists. He obliged, thrilling us with his account of Katalog's mushroom sculptures, a disastrous hail storm, homemade ice-cream and bucketfuls of toads. 

"Two American artists in a collective called Katalog proposed art based on energy cycles around the farm here. Cycles of day and night, growth and decay, like the process of rotting wood t ...

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July 15, 2013 18:04

Lijiang Studio is a unique residency on a farm in a magnificent valley in the Yunnan mountains. Artist are encouraged to come for longer residencies,  discovering and immersing themselves into a different way of life to create works that incorporate the land and engage the community. We sat down with Lijiang studio's founder Jay Brown and his two playful dogs in the residency's courtyard to ask about southern China, the Naxi minority culture, and how this residency came to be.

China Residencies: How did this all start?

Jay Brown: I first came to Yunnan in 2002, working for the Nature Conservancy. I wanted to get back i ...

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