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RESIDENCY PROFILE :: Handshake 302 - Mary Ann O'Donnell & Zhang Kaiqin

July 14, 2016 18:23

China Residencies got in touch with Handshake 302 founders Mary Ann O'Donnell & Zhang Kaiqin over e-mail to learn more about their organization and the open call for their newly established residency program in Shenzhen.

China Residencies: What is Handshake 302 and how did it come to be?
Mary Ann O'Donnell & Zhang Kaiqin: The Handshake 302 Art Space is a repurposed, 12.5 m2 efficiency apartment on the third floor of Building 49, a six-story walk-up apartment building in Baishizhou, one of Shenzhen’s most infamous urban villages. The name of the art space, Handshake 302 alludes to both the most common form of walk up a ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Barbara Tong at Swatch Art Peace Hotel

July 06, 2016 21:16

We visited Barbara Tong during her Swatch Art Peace Hotel residency to talk about ceramics, Shanghai's chorus of voices and residencies around the world.

China Residencies: Tell us a little about your background. Where did you grow up and how did you get interested in art?
Barbara Tong: I’m from Hong Kong and the local opinion back in those days was, “Oh, don’t be an artist, go make money!” But I really enjoy doing things with my hands even though I didn’t study art. And then while studying in London, I used to walk past an art school almost every day because it was close to my Uni, and they had students’ work displayed in the wind ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Ou Chiacheng and Zhao Wanqing at Red Gate Residency

July 02, 2016 21:16

China Residencies spoke with designer 趙宛青 Zhao Wanqing and photographer 歐家成 Ou Chiacheng about their project, Made in Taiwan, created during their 2015 Crystal Ruth Bell Residency for Duos, Trios & Collectives at Red Gate Residency.

China Residencies: Let’s start with some introductions. How did you two meet?
Ou Chiacheng: She was one of my co-worker’s students when I was teaching.
Zhao Wanqing: We met before I left China, and we worked on this project together to investigate relationships. Basically I was going to leave in three months and if we were going get into into a romantic relationship, he would use photography as ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE :: Videotage - Isaac Leung

July 02, 2016 20:32

During Art Basel Hong Kong, China Residencies spoke with Isaac Leung, chairperson of Videotage, at their “The Crowdfunding Lab” showcase.

China Residencies: Let’s start off with the basics. Tell us about yourself and how you got here.
Isaac Leung: Long story! Well, I wear multiple hats. I’m an artist and actually had my show open at Connecting Spaces.

CR: Oh I saw that, congratulations!
IL: Thanks! So yeah I’m trained as an artist. I studied video and media arts at the Art Institute of Chicago, and then I came back to Hong Kong and started to wear the other hat of a curator. I’m currently the chairman of Videotage, one of the most histor ...

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Summer 2016 Deadlines + Open Calls + Opportunities

June 30, 2016 15:35

Here's a short list of deadlines for residencies, professional development, calls for papers, jobs & lots of different things you can apply to that have a connection to China. We'll update this post regularly until September 21st, if you come across something that belongs here, please send us your tips to nihao [at]!


    • Charcoal Home, a new artist residency in Zhanjiang, is calling for visual artists for the months of September and October. Apply before July 10.

    • The Kunming Municipal Propaganda Department and record label Modern Sky are calling for five musicians t ...
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Open Call for #slowtrain Virtual Residencies

June 11, 2016 11:33

One of our main tenants as a “born-digital" organization is to do most things online and be kind to the planet. We don’t have an office, we try not to print things, and we ride bikes and take public transit or our own feet to get places whenever possible. Of course, we realize that a huge part of our nonprofit’s mission is to travel to and from China, which often involves taking planes… But flying isn’t the only way to get to China, and travelling by train within the country is one of the most amazing ways to see each province’s vast and varying landscapes rush by the windows.

So to share our dual love for trains and the internet ...

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Transnational Dialogues & China Residencies :: UK - China Residency Knowledge Exchange

June 06, 2016 15:34

People who run residencies in China work tirelessly to support the artists they host, and often don't get the chance to take a step back and reflect on the future of their organziations, the nature of their work, or even simply catch up with colleagues. The cost of international travel and the difficulty in obtaining visas adds to the challenge of creating meaningful and lasting international exchange between mainland China and the rest of the world. In order to start shifting this dynamic, we're thankful to Transnational Dialogues for supporting our first Residency Knowledge Exchange to help a young a ...

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Introducing Our New Board

June 04, 2016 02:12

China Residencies is proud have support from of some of the most qualified and accomplished curators, researchers, writers, artists, directors and CEOs. Please join us in welcoming these twelve wonderful people to the China Residencies board:

Governing board:

Jay Brown founded Lijiang Studio in 2004, an arts practice based in a rural farming village in southwest China’s Yunnan Province. Since then, Lijiang Studio has facilitated and produced numerous residencies, exhibitions and events in urban, rural, domestic, public, and private settings. These events are co-curated with the artists involved and with ...

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Open Call for the 3rd Crystal Ruth Bell Residency - Re: Search 研究

June 02, 2016 20:36

For the third edition of the Crystal Ruth Bell Residency, Red Gate & China Residencies are calling for people who base their practice in research to apply for a funded residency in Beijing for the months of November and December 2016.

Curators, writers, researchers, documentary filmmakers, photographers, choreographers, chefs, designers, developers, activists, scientists, architects, and all kinds of visual artists are encouraged to apply with a project proposal that reflects some of Crystal's interests and driving forces: curiosity, dedication, perseverance, words, and maps.

Crystal was always searchi ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE :: Arc Space - 張理耕 Jerome Araki

June 02, 2016 20:03

In February, we connected over Skype with 張理耕 Jerome Araki, director of Arc Space located in Beijing, to ask him about the significance of his space's location in Beijing, what he thinks about the art world in China, and what sort of artists he'd like to have as residents.

China Residencies: Can you tell me a bit about your personal background? Are you a practicing artist? And how to did you become interested in the arts?
Jerome Araki: Aside from running Arc Space I also make my own work. At first my interest in starting the space came from myself being involved in the creative industries, as well as doing some programming f ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Tom Hayes at Kiwisual Arteco

May 30, 2016 02:48

Tom Hayes is an artist, as well as former and future artist residency director. We first met Tom when he was running Da Wang Culture Highland in Shenzhen, then caught up with him again in Guangzhou during his residency at Kiwisual Arteco. He'll be switching gears again very soon to launch a new residency project outside of Zhanjiang this fall, all the while continuing to make his own work.

China Residencies: When did Da Wang close?

Tom Hayes: Da Wang closed officially in March, the owner decided to rent out the space commercially. 

CR: Where there any warning signs?

TH: It had always been a possibly that the space could be re ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE :: Chronus Art Center - Fito Segrera

May 26, 2016 20:55

Fito Segrera is the very first artist to complete Chronus Art Center’s research and creation fellowship. Since then he’s transitioned to Head of Research and Creation at CAC Lab (applications open until June 12, 2016).

China Residencies: What is CAC? Who started it and what does it do?
Fito Segrera: CAC stands for Chronus Art Center and it’s a non-profit new media art institution based in Shanghai’s M50. One of the founders, Dillion, runs four tech companies that provide the funding for CAC. So CAC is kind of a platform for researching new media art and creative technologies that could expand the field.

CR: How many people ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: George Van Wetering at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel

May 26, 2016 16:30

In April, we sat down with musician and composer George Van Wetering in the Swatch Art Peace Hotel’s lounge area to ask him about his time in Shanghai:

China Residencies: What first got you interested in Swatch? How did you hear about it and how did you get here? 

George Van Wetering: Through a friend of mine, Peter Vink. He applied first and got selected, he mentioned the residency to me and so I tried as well. I’ve been here since November, and he just arrived. I’ve been to China for quite a lot of times, about 5 tours of China, have seen a lot of cities but always for a very short time. I'm happy to be in Shanghai for a longer period of tim ...

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{ARCHIVE} ARTIST PROFILE :: Constant Dullaart at OCAT Shenzhen

April 19, 2016 07:27
  • Since we started China Residencies in 2013, at least nine different residencies have closed or gone on hiatus. But just because these residency programs close doesn't mean the artists and projects they hosted cease to exist. We sat down with Constant Dullaart to talk about his time at OCAT in Shenzhen, and about how the company he started as a way to see the inside of a factory now continues to confuse and delight art techies worldwide.
    • Constant Dullaart: So, what are you going to do with this?
    • China Residencies: I transcribe it, edit it, send it to you, and you say “yes, no, change this” and then we put it online if you feel li ...
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Spring 2016 Deadlines + Open Calls + Job Opportunities

April 11, 2016 09:12

Here's a short list of deadlines for residencies, exhibitions, conferences, calls for papers, jobs & lots of different things you can apply to that have a connection to China. We'll update this post regularly until June 21st, if you come across something that belongs here, please send us your tips to nihao [at]!


  • 4A Studio Program is calling for early or mid-career visual artists who are currently Australian permanent residents for month-long residencies at Shen Shaomin's studio in Huairou on the outskirts of Beijing. Apply before May 12. 

  • Chronus Art Center in Sha ...
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ARTIST PROFILE :: Ash Moniz at A307

March 23, 2016 02:26

Ash Moniz and Li Jingxiong were the first artists-in-residence at A307, a residency and experimental "space which allows artists and audience to communicate directly" nestled in an apartment near 798. 

China Residencies: How did you hear about A307 in Beijing and what got you interested in going?

Ash Moniz: I was invited because I had heard about it from the curator who runs it, Li Zhenhua. He invited me and Li Jingxiong, the person that I was collaborating with, to propose something.

CR: And that was the first project they had hosted, right?

AM: Yeah, it was the first thing that they had actually hosted. They had an event b ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Ming Lin & Alexandra Tatarsky at Red Gate Residency

January 29, 2016 15:52

Ming Lin and Alexandra Tatarsky joined forces to create printed matter based on their investigations during the Crystal Ruth Bell Residency in Beijing this summer. 

China Residencies: For starts, how did you two meet?

Ming Lin: Alex and I met in preschool in the East Village when we were two years old.

Alexandra Tatarsky: Ming was a very good artist at age two.

CR: How did you two decide that you wanted to do a project together?

ML: We didn’t go to highschool together and went on to study in different countries, but whenever we came back together, we realized we had overlapping and intersecting interests.

AT: We had worked to ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Blood Becomes Water at Red Gate Residency

January 28, 2016 21:01

Raya Boteva and Rosie Eisor formed the collective Blood Becomes Water around a self-publishing project in the summer of 2010, and were one of the three duos awarded the Crystal Ruth Bell Residency in 2015. During their month at Red Gate over the summer, they created a new publication, Tetraphobia, and published collections of their favorite sounds. We caught up with Rosie and Raya in Bulgaria & Belgium to talk zines, punk rock, and why they’re not scared of the number 4.

China Residencies: I wanted to ask about the mixtape first. How did you bring it together and how did you select the music to put in it?

Raya Rayax: We aske ...

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Winter 2015-2016 Deadlines + Open Calls + Opportunities

January 11, 2016 19:48

For this new year, we're launching a new seasonal feature to list deadlines for residencies, exhibitions, conferences, calls for papers, jobs & basically all the different kinds of things you can apply that have a connection to China!


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RESIDENCY PROFILE :: Twenty-Three Days At Sea

December 23, 2015 04:31

Twenty-Three Days At Sea is one of the most innovative residencies that kicked off in 2015. In August, we caught up with Kimberly Phillips, the director and curator of Access Gallery, about sending artists to sail from Vancouver to Shanghai aboard a cargo ship.

China Residencies: First off, this is one of the most exciting new residencies.

Kimberly Phillips: Oh thank you, it's been really profound, and it's been a privilege to put it into place and develop it. We were totally overwhelmed by the response, it clearly struck a nerve with artists from all over the world, whether in Lahore, Sao Paolo or as far away as East Russi ...

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