Three Shadows Photography Art Centre is the leading art space in China dedicated solely to photography and new media. In order to further expand the Chinese photography community and strengthen our ties with institutions around the world, both Beijing and Xiamen location of Three Shadows offer an Artist-in-Residence Program (AIR). Residents are encouraged to design a unique program during their stay—e.g. new commissions, collaborating with other artists in Beijing, or teaching workshops in the area.

Eligible Applicants

Although the AIR program is primarily tailored to photographers, Three Shadows also gladly accepts artists working in other media, researchers and curators interested in living and working in China.

Application Process

Applicants must submit a short form detailing their basic information and their requested accommodation along with a CV, a portfolio, a plan for their stay, a letter of recommendation, and any other materials they think pertinent.

Accommodations are available from December to January, 2018 and May to November 2019. Duration of stay is flexible.



•Fully furnished living quarters and facilities
- Room with AC, a bathroom, wifi, washing machine, and kitchen (fridge, microwave, hot plate, etc.).
- Room cleaning service (twice a week).

•Customized individual support to help complete independent projects
- Upon request, one photo folio review with RongRong and inri, the artists who co-founded Three Shadows.
- Assistance with planning a culminating event. This could be a lecture, slideshow, workshop, a photofolio review with local artists, and/or a small exhibition subject to advance screening by Three Shadows. Costs for printing and the rental of the space are covered by the residents or a sponsor. Three Shadows greatly encourages all participants to have something to show for their stay.
- Weekly meetings with a property manager and other current Artists-in-residence to discuss ongoing projects, Chinese culture, and any questions or concerns.

•Help with temporary residential registration with local authorities (required by the Chinese gov-ernment)
- A 10% discount at all Three Shadows stores (café, bookstore, etc.) and a 20% discount on darkroom fees.

Program Fees

Three Shadows offers three accommodation options.

50㎡ loft : 800RMB/day

70㎡ studio : 800RMB/day

- Artists who stay for more than a month will enjoy a 20% discount.
- Artists will enjoy a 10% discount at all Three Shadows stores ( cafe, bookstore, darkroom, print shop, etc)
- These fees include electricity, water, heating, wireless Internet access,and comprehensive orientation.

Additional Information

Please submit applications at least three months before your anticipated arrival.