Points’ spring 2020 international artist residency program is recruiting resident artists, curators, and contemporary art researchers for 1-3 month residencies. The application deadline is February 15, 2020.
In addition to focusing on artistic creation during the stay and experiencing life and traditional Chinese culture in the ancient water town of Jinxi, the Points Center’s staff is on hand to assist the artist in solving any problems encountered in their creative endeavors and daily life.

In addition to this, you will also get:

Funding and support

Domestic transportation subsidy not exceeding CNY1500, international transportation subsidy not exceeding CNY5000;

Monthly living allowance of CNY5000 (pre-tax);

Pick-up service;

Living space and studio space;

Facilities: exhibition space, woodworking room, small theater/screening space;

Resources: staff assistance, events and exhibition promotion;

Exhibition: an exhibition before the end of the residency;

Entry requirements: We hope that the artist will provide a public education activity before the end of the residency period. It can be any of an eclectic style of lecture, open studio, workshop, forum, presentation, etc.

Points Center for Contemporary Art, founded in 2017, is devoted to the creation and recording of contemporary art as well as the promotion of art and culture. Main projects include residencies, the construction of an archival database, exhibitions, and public education activities. The center advocates “life within art,” inviting and supporting the life and creation of global artists in this center, forming a connection with local art and culture. We espouse contemporary artistic vision and explosive creative power in order to stimulate the energy of globalized contemporary creation.










Eligible Applicants

The residency is open for artists and curators from different nations and disciplines, with locality and community in mind. For the artist-in-residency, we tend to emphasize on time-based media research/creation, like performance art, video art, and also research involved with public engagement.

Application Process

Application method

Download the Points International Residency Application Form at the end of the article in this link below ——"Read more" and fill it out carefully.

The artist's latest resumé.

The artist's portfolio, submitted as a PDF document (video art requires a website link within the PDF. Please do not mail personal documents. We maintain no obligation to return the original materials to sender.)

After you have prepared the above information, please send the materials to: and write “Points Residency” in the subject line of the email.




<br>准备好以上资料后将材料发送至邮箱, 并在邮件主题标明“Points Residency”



PCCA is located in the ancient town of Jinxi, which has a history of more than two thousand years. It is on the outskirts of Suzhou, only an hour from Shanghai, well-located with a strong cultural atmosphere. Jinxi is densely populated with ancient bridges, canals, and an architectural character unchanged for hundreds of years. The international residency project of PCCA is centered in a series of spaces totalling approximately 2000 square meters (21,500 square feet). There are four villas two floors each for accommodations and working spaces, an exhibition hall around 200 square meters, an old pavilion for tea ceremony and meetings. There are kitchenware and washing machines dryer supplied in a container in our yard.

Program Fees

The main founding resource comes from British Foundation, Fortress Contemporary Art Foundation. For each different programs, other founding varies from local government investment, corporation found and university supports.

Additional Information

PCCA attempts to provide international artists with Chinese cultural experience under both historical and contemporary atmosphere. Through knowledge sharing, creative research and production to fulfil the international art exchange.
Through arranging public events, PCCA also tries to provide network for residents and revive local contemporary art scene.

During the course of the project, major figures from various industries may occasionally make an appearance, and for the purposes of sharing Points’ work, we ask artists make themselves available for face-to-face, in-depth exchange about their creative process, and more so with the other artists who also undertaking residencies during the same period.
In this way, all parties can work towards having a richer network of contacts and resources to understand trends and areas of contemporary art in a global context.