Taking reference from the magnifying glass used for gemstone examination and jewellery-making, Loupe is a design incubation space founded by Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group and fully supported by Chow Tai Fook Art Foundation to discover and foster new generations of jewellery design talents.

Focusing mainly on jewellery-making and design, Loupe is dedicated to the nurturing of young talents with its in-house design residency program, as well as public workshops led by industry professionals. It aims to provide a creative environment dedicated to the art of jewellery-making and craftsmanship.

There are 5 key elements at Loupe:

Exhibition: For emerging artists to showcase their works, sharing their visions and aesthetic through jewellery, design and different art forms.

Residency: Our Design Residency Programme is a comprehensive mentorship scheme. We provide guidance and a fully-equipped workshop to young jewellery design talents, enabling their own creations and career development.

Education: We host an educational programme as a platform for exchange and public engagement in design and craftsmanship. We offer a wide array of seminars and workshops each month to ensure there is always something new for everyone.

Boutique: Our Boutique carries the exclusive design products created by our in-house craftsmen, Designers-in-Residence and up-and-coming jewellery design talents.

Teahouse: A place to chill and dine, guests can immerse in the artistic and creative ambiance while sipping on a selection of premium teas, coffees and savour delicate pastries and cakes and more.

Eligible Applicants

- Possesses a creative portfolio that shows imagination, experimentation and ambition, and displays a profound interest in commercial jewellery design

- A bachelor's or master's degree in Arts or Design. For local designers graduated in Hong Kong other relevant and/or similar qualifications are accepted.

- While there is no strict upper age limit, this programme is designed for designers aged 35 and below.

- An outgoing and amiable personality, and demonstrates willingness to interact with visitors of Loupe

- Demonstrates ability to organise events and workshops as they may be required to do so during their residency period at Loupe

- Fluent in English

Application Process

Apply through our website:

Deadlines are listed for the next two phases of residency programme.

Residency period is 6 months.


Located at PMQ in Central, Hong Kong. Loupe occupies 5 spaces at PMQ that house our Boutique, a fully equipped workshop area, a multi-function room that can be used for seminars, classes, exhibitions etc purposes, one material gallery that exhibits and educates on raw material for jewellery, and a Teahouse.

Program Fees

FREE of charge.

For international designers, return air fares and accommodation will be covered.

Additional Information

"Fostering Design Brilliance" is what we yearn to do.

For more information, email our Manager of Project, Ricky Lai (