In-situ is Latin for “in place”. We are a multidisciplinary artist residency for creatives who want to explore Hong Kong and its culture “in place”. We are less focused on final outcomes, and instead, encourage rigorous experimentation and exploration to develop new ways of thinking or making. We also don’t ask for detailed proposals or project schedules during the application process because we believe projects and ideas should be informed by spending time here. This is why longer residency periods of two to three months are encouraged.

In-situ is based in the energetic metropolis of Hong Kong. Known for its iconic skyscrapers and fast-paced lifestyle, Hong Kong is a modern international city that is still deeply rooted in its Chinese cultural heritage. As a top travel destination in Asia, Hong Kong is a very easy city for international visitors to explore given its world-class public transit system, walkability, and wide use of English.

As an influential art hub in the Asia Pacific region, Hong Kong hosts the Art Basel art fair, many prominent art galleries, and the M+ Museum. Residents will have access to a private studio within a supportive creative community and a robust communal woodshop. We regularly organize artist talks, open studios, introductions to local artists and art professionals, and keep residents updated with the latest gallery openings and cultural events.

Eligible Applicants

In-situ aims to support international emerging artists whose practice can benefit from spending time in Hong Kong. Applicants from all art and design backgrounds and any nationalities are welcome to apply. Residents are highly encouraged to give an artist’s talk at the beginning of their residency to introduce their practice, and conclude their time at In-situ with an Open Studio to showcase their research and work.

Application Process

Residency length is one to three months long (full calendar months only). Applications are accepted through regular open calls four to six months in advance. However, feel free to inquire about our availability at any time. As mentioned earlier, artists and designers from all backgrounds may apply, however, selection is based on visual works only (images, videos, websites/interactive). All other forms of media such as creative/fiction writing and audio will only be considered as supplementary. Exceptions to this are for art researchers and curators. Be prepared to write in one or two paragraphs what ideas/materials are you interested in exploring while you are in Hong Kong and what you would like to get out of the program. To apply please go to our webite:


In-situ is strategically located in To Kwa Wan, Kowloon. To Kwa Wan is a lively residential neighbourhood with a few industrial buildings lining the waterfront. This offers residents ample studio space in which to work while being immediately surrounded by traditional aspects of daily local life. Many other industrial buildings suitable for art studios are located inconveniently on the outskirts of the city and lack the charm of residential life. The Cattle Depot artists village, a revitalized art community with non-profit galleries, artist studios, and a performing arts theater is a mere 15-minute walk away. Hong Kong Island with the city’s central business district, commercial galleries, shopping and nightlife is about 30 minutes away by bus.

Within a shared space with other local creatives, In-situ residents will have 24/7 access to the studio, common areas, pantry, and a well-equipped woodshop. The woodshop has power tools such as a band saw, chop saw, planer, various hand tools, drills, and a CNC machine. There is fast WIFI found throughout the studio and a projector available. The common area is flexible – it can be used to host events such as artist talks and performances. In the immediate neighbourhood, there is an assortment of welders, woodworkers, sign makers and other craftsmen. Placed across the city are distinct areas where suppliers of a particular material congregate, for example, one area for zippers, one for electronics, flowers, Chinese herbs, etc., each of which is fascinating and worth exploring.

In-situ artist residency program provides:
-24/7 access to private studio and communal woodshop
-Organization and promotion of Artist Talk and Open Studios
-Exposure of resident’s work to wider audience
-Advice on production and material sourcing.
-A network of local artists and art professionals
-Information about latest gallery openings and events.
-Customised gallery tours
-Documenting and promoting resident activity via social media and website.
-Orientation to neighbourhood
-Advice on things to do in Hong Kong
Tools available:
-Unlimited use of well-maintained woodshop tools: Various drills and hand tools; FESTOOL brand circular saw, router, vacuum and work table system; table chop saw, band saw, drill press, planer and sander.
-Specialty tools and in-house technician available for hire: CNC machine, SHAPER domino router, pocket-hole machine. Our in-house technician is available for hire to make wooden frames and structures for your projects.
-Unrestricted very fast Wifi Internet (200 mbps - Hong Kong unlike rest of mainland China does not require a VPN to access Google/Facebook/Instagram/Gmail etc)
-Screen and projector

Program Fees

-Cost of production, daily living, flights, and accommodation.
-Dedicated project assistant and translation services if necessary.

In-situ operates as an independent artist-run space. The program fee meets the minimal cost of running a residency program in Hong Kong. Occasionally, through certain initiatives and partnerships we will announce open calls for partial or fully-funded opportunities. For current program fee, please email:

Additional Information

Please visit our website for more details: