DongDong & LuLu Artist Residency was established in October 2010 by Chinese curator and program director Coral LU.

DongDong & LuLu Artist Residency Program is an international artists residency program providing artists, curators, writers, and academics with the opportunity to live and create work in three main locations: Beijing, Nanjing, Hohhot.

Our objective is to provide facilities for artists to easily start their projects and offer a community in which they can participate as much as they like. As a member of RES ARTIS, the International Association of Residential Arts Centers, we are committed to the promotion of multicultural arts dialogue within an immersion setting DongDong & LuLu Artist Residency assists all participants to connect with the art scene, meet local Chinese artists and to source art materials. We provide the necessary support and encouragement to help artists get the most out of your stay here. Lectures, art presentations, workshops, open studios, solo exhibitions, and group exhibitions are main forms for broad and deep interactions among artists, students and the public.

At the conclusion of the residency, artists are invited to present their research project at DongDong & LuLu Artist Residency Studio, or we can help to organize presentation spots in other cities in China. And, for those who like to travel, DongDong & LuLu Artist Residency can recommend travel agencies or assistant artists to research travel information.

Eligible Applicants

Visual artists, dancers, musicians, curators, writers, architects and designers

Application Process

Applicants are asked to supply a complete applicaton form online:


DongDong & LuLu Artist Residency offer four residency locations: one in Beijing, one in Nanjing, one in Hohhot.

Program Fees

Fees The residency fee is $1,200USD for each month including utilities, internet and open studio event.
For open studio event, poster design, selected resume and artist statement translation, report on DongDong & LuLu official website, professional photographer and drinks are covered in the residency fee. $1,200USD doesn't cover personal expenses like food, daily costs.

Additional Information

Recipients guarantee to:
1.Archive the project you create while on residency
2.Open your studio from time to time, make lectures, and communicate with the local public, artists and art organizations.

Residents have the option to show their art work or research achieved during their residencies in the form of an exhibition, an academic lecture or a research paper.

If residents will stay for more than two months, we would like to suggest residents to try different city.