About 2019 A+ Artist In Residence International Exchange Program

Host: Advance Art Museum, 58 Town.
Place of Residence: 58 Town, Changsha, China
Resident Works Exhibition: Advance Art Museum
Residence Date: April 1 to 30
Number of Resident Artists: 3
Qualifications: domestic and international artists
Application Deadline: March 20

Although the global spreading information revolution is still in the ascendant, with the break through of smart manufacturing in key application areas, the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", which is mainly driven by green industries such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, has been proposed and promoted by countries around the world. This revolutionary breakthrough in cutting-edge technology is profoundly changing our life styles, culture and art etc., and constantly expanding the bound aries of art in the mean time.

In 2019, the Advance Art Museum and the 58 Town will launch the 2019 A+ international artist residency program once again. The program is aim to re-examine the relationship between art experiment and technological development based on the previous year’s program, to find balance between technology and humanities and to further link art with social development. By encouraging inter disciplinary research, the program will open the boundaries of art, explorethe art practices that are consistent with the zeitgeist and respond inartistic expressions.

During the residency, artists will have opportunities to explore the city, attend academic salons, studio open night, take part in college or related educational exchanges, and have the final exhibition. The project will bring diversity, creative spaces and possibilities to the participants.




2019年,前行美术馆联合58小镇,再次启动2019 A+国际艺术家驻留项目,并将在上一年度驻留项目基础上试图重新审视艺术探索与科技发展之间的关系,把控科技与人文的平衡点,深化艺术与社会发展的进一步联动。A+国际艺术家驻留项目将开放艺术边界,通过鼓励跨学科研究,以艺术的方式回应并探索符合时代精神的艺术实践。


Eligible Applicants

Provide application opportunities for artists, curators or groups with more than 3 years' experience in art creation or curator experience, independent artistic thinking and breakthrough practice. Artists and curators are mainly in the field of contemporary art creation.


Application Process

Apply online here:

or via email:
(1) To fill out 2019 A+ Artist In Residence International Exchange Program official application form the work plan during the residency, project research area, theme, creating sketches and the interpretation of artistic concept (notless than 300 words);
application form(Please copy the link and download with your computer):

(2) One recent life photo, one media publicity photo, one copy of the electronic version of the identity card or passport;

(3) Personal latest English and Chinese resume, 10 pictures of representative works, including text interpretation (WORD format); Image data or media files please send the Internet link address;

After the above materials are prepared, please compress these files and send to the Advance Art Museum official email:, The naming format of the application mail: 2019 A+ Artist In Residence International Exchange Program + artist name.


(1)填写2019 A+国际艺术家驻留项目官方申请表格——驻留期间的工作计划书、项目研究领域、主题、创作草图或艺术理念阐释等(不少于300字);


请准备以上完整资料后,压缩文件并发送至前行美术馆官方邮箱,申请邮件标题请注明:2019 A+国际艺术家驻留项目+艺术家本人姓名。


Residing place are locate at 58 Town, which is a new offline office ecological and industry development platform build by 58 Group, new district is located in the Xiang Jiang river in Hunan province is located in Changsha, the Xianjia lake park, 1200 mu of the west lake, the lake of 7.2 square around the architectural art.

Artists are required to participate in studio open display, academic discussion, salon lectures or related education communication activities, as well as the final exhibition display section.

Program Fees

The arts organization provides for the artist:
1.Offering domestic city to changsha round trip transportation expense reimbursement, foreign city to changsha round trip transportation subsidy 2000RMB;
2.Offering subsidies 2000RMB for creative materials; 
3.Offering accommodation, workshop, lunch and dinner (specific standards based on the organizer's offering);
4.Arranging corresponding personnel to assist in handling related affairs;
5.Advance Art Museum will hold the residence exhibitions for residence artists; 
6.Selected artists will enter the artist database of Advance Art Museum, as a candidate artist for Chinese and overseas exhibitions, artists' residence and cooperation with art institutions;
7.Selected artists will have the opportunity to participate in city visiting, openly display their studio, academic discussions, salon lectures or related educational exchange activities, it can bringing artists with diverse and in-depth creative spaces and possibilities;
8.After the residence, the artist can choose to display his works in 58 Towns or not (if artists want to deal with their work on your own,they need to deal with all the relevant costs by themselves).

The artists who are selected should provide their own travel insurance.


The residence project is a non-profit academic activity, and the artists need to assume the cost of expenditures besides the above-mentioned things.

The way of resident Artists’ giving back:
1.After the residence program, the artist needs to participate in the residence exhibition, cooperating with the exhibition arrangement and the opening of the exhibition and some other related issues;
2.The organizer will select one of the Artist’s works during the artist's residence period as a collection;
3.The selected artists need to cooperate with the organizer about the related activities arranged during the residence period.
The arrival arrangements of residence artist:
1.Airport pick-up service;
2.Reception banquet for residence artists;
3.Signing the residence cooperation agreement;
4.Arrangements for the relevant matters during residence period;
5.Giving out residence subsidies.
The above is an overview of residence cooperation project.

Additional Information

Weibo/ @前行美术馆
Wechat/ qianxingmeishuguan

add the WeChat of the museum manager, learn more details of the program

Address/ Advance Art Museum: 1F Taipingking Community, 167 Taiping Old Street, Tianxin District, Changsha, Hunan, China.
58 Small Town:Xihu Park, Fenglin Road, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan, China.
地址/前行美术馆:湖南省长沙市天心区太平老街167 号太平里文创社区1F