Untitled International Art Residency is one of the important aspects of Untitled Space (artists initiative space). This artist residency program encourages both young artists to continue their practice upon graduation and practicing artists to be inspired by the historical and culturally rich Shanghai and Suzhou.

Eligible Applicants

Opens to all contemporary artists throughout the year; regardless of race, age, gender, nationality or religion.

Application Process

Between 1 and 3 months


Untitled Space AIR program inside the award-winning ( 2013 WACA Gold Award ) architecture “318 Culture Courtyard”, located in the beautiful and historical town – Luxu. Cover more than 1000 sqm, which including gallery, three sharing studio, 16 private room with toilet and shower, bar and kitchen.

Program Fees

Total cost for one month stay in the AIR program is 5300RMB (including 6% tax 300 RMB). Following admission, the artist must make an initial payment of 2000 RMB as a deposit, rest of payment of 3300 RMB will be made upon arrival at the residence. Untitled Space does not carry any funding or sponsorship program yet, so encourage artists to manage the scholarship application, grants or financial support in their home countries during the application period. Untitled Space will provide the necessary documentation to the selected applicant that so requires.

Additional Information

Untitled Space(无题空间)is an independent art space founded and run by artists. As the title ‘Untitled’ suggests, we strive to provide creative space and exchange platform for contemporary artists without any restriction and boundary. Untitled Space is dedicated to showcasing contemporary art exhibitions, installs programs that support academic research and providing workshops for the public. In addition, United Space encourages collaboration with the local artists in the context of Chinese contemporary society; where multicultural expression sparks fresh perspectives and ideas.