Qingyun International Art Center focuses on the research, development, and creation of Chinese handicraft art. With studios dedicated to ceramics, glass art, metal, jewelry, and lacquer, Qingyun's residency program combines traditional culture and heritage with contemporary art and design.

Qingyun's residency launched March 2016, and is located in Daxing, south of the 6th ring road outside Beijing. Far away from the city center, the residency is surrounded by farmland and nature.

Eligible Applicants

All disciplines, especially artists working with glass, ceramics, textiles, natural fabric dyeing, metalwork, farming, jewellery design, theater & music, Chinese traditional culture: tea ceremonies, traditional instruments (guqing), calligraphy, as well as researchers.

Artists from all nationalities and ethnicities are encouraged to apply.

Application Process

Apply online via China Residencies:


There a facilities for:
- Lacquer
- Metalworking
- Glass (not avaliable now)
- Ceramics (Qing-style wood kiln, electric kiln, gas kiln)
- Contemporary Art studio spaces
- Greenhouses & farmland

Each artist has their own bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen in a Beijing-style courtyard (siheyuan), as well as a bicycle.

Program Fees

Artist are responsible for their international travel and visa costs.

Local acommodations, and studio space are provided by the residency.

As our open calls are limtied so when the applications are full. we will change residency fees, more info you can email to our director :

Additional Information

Artists have access to several different exhibition spaces of various sizes.

If residents would like to have a final exhibition, they will be required to:
Artists are :
1. Design their own exhibition poster
2. Provide photographic documentation of the work produced
3. Design their own materials to be printed if needed.
4. Provide exhibition details 15 to 20 days in advance, including CV, portfolio, work descriptions, images.
5. Reach out to the embassy, consulate, or cultural council of their home country for possible financial and media support.