Metaverse Makeovers® (MM) is a cross-cultural, collaborative, future-forward tech company and brand, and hosts In-App and On-Nail resident artists.

MM is based in Melbourne, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Online. We comprise an interdisciplinary team of artists, technologists, developers, and marketers. MM design, develop, and commercialise new mobile products for emerging markets and the Digital Generation: AR wearables and social experiences.

Eligible Applicants

MM curates cult Australian, Chinese, and International artists to work inside our app and on our nails to create limited edition Metaverse Nails wearable tech designs.

These unique creations are featured both within the Metaverse Nails mobile application (downloadable hologram content and 3D bling), and as limited release seasonal designs and patterns on the collectible press-on nails accessories themselves. Wow.

Application Process

The MM In-App + On-Nails Resident Artists Program is currently by invitation only.


The Hot Haus is a capacity-building platform based in Shanghai for our growing team of artists, developers, and technologists.

We place our team at the front-line to generate on the ground qualitative insights and technical expertise in launching social mobile products within the Great Fire Wall.

The outcome of the Hot Haus is a team with the specialist skills to engineer and design mobile products and experiences FOR And WITH China's unique Internet and manufacturing ecosystem.

Program Fees


Additional Information

Current Artists in Residence are Australian visual artist Halszka Masash, and Beijing-based net artist Ying Miao.

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