Huantie International Artist Residency Program was launched in 2011, with a focus on giving international professional development opportunities to artists. We aim to promote the exchange of international contemporary art, establishing an art exchange platform for artists from different countries, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds.

We are committed to providing the most considerate service and full orientation to kickstart your creative projects in Beijing. We are located in the Huantie Art Community, with studios near Beijing's busy 798 Art Zone and many artists studios.

Eligible Applicants

The program welcomes applications from artists working in a range of traditional and non-traditional graphic arts practices.

The residency is best suited to self-motivated, focused artists who have a clear objective for the residency.

Application Process

Generally 2 months for each artists.

A specific proposal of work creation for residency,

and the expected duration of stay are required.

Residencies are invitation only.

Please contact us for more information.


Located in the Huantie art community, the studios are near Beijing's busy 798 Art Zone and many artists studios.

Basic furniture and household appliances, free WiFi etc.

Program Fees

The residency is managed on a not-for-profit basis. At this time, financial support is not available therefore artists are encouraged fundraising by themselves.

Additional Information

Current Partners

The Culture Department, Land Salzburg, Austria -

I/O Cultural Network e.V., Wiesbaden, Germany -


Current Participants

Marion Kalter -


Past Participants

Rone Waugh
Fabian Fink -

Rone Waugh
Hannah Breitfuß

Brendan Linane -
Thomas Baumann -
Olga Georgieva -
Joachim Hildebrand -
Mike Hentz -

Sira-Zoé Schmid -
Anton Petz -
Lucia Dellefant -
Thomas Wunsch -
Peter Braunholz -

Bernhard Gwiggner -
Anja Ronacher -
Ulrike Pisch -
Charlotte Eschenlohr -
Dino Rigoli -
Lincoln Alexander Miller -
Dhaneshwar Shah
Sunanda Khajuria

Anja Hitzenberger -
Christa Kempf
Elin Høyland -
Christian Sunde -
Alfred Vaagsvold


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