The Handshake 302 Baishizhou Artist Residency program invites artists and writers to explore Baishizhou, a large, centrally located urban village in Shenzhen.

Handshake 302 is an independent art space. A core group of five people curates the space, but participation in any project is open to anyone through public announcements. Project participation ranges from using the space as an exhibition space to living quarters. Since its opening in October 2013, Handshake 302 has curated six exhibitions and more than 50 public events.

We believe that art belongs to everyone who contributes to our city.

The idea behind the residency is simple: Handshake 302 has been working in Baishizhou since October 2013. To date, many of our projects have taken place inside our space. Now, we’re turning the space into an efficiency apartment—an urban village launchpad—for artists who would like to come and create site-specific works in Baishizhou. In addition to producing one site-specific work or performance, we also ask that visiting artists hold weekly salons to meet with local residents, artists, and curious Shenzheners.

Eligible Applicants

Drawing and Painting; Film; Literature; Media art; Music and sound art; Performing arts; Sculpture.

Artists should be comfortable living and working in a Chinese neighborhood.

Residencies are one to two months.

Application Process

To apply, please email us with the following:
- Letter of interest
- Project proposal
- Curriculum vitae
- Work samples

Handshake 302 has no application deadline. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

We look forward to learning what your project reveals about everyday life in Baishizhou!


Handshake 302 provides visiting artists with a 12.5 sq meter efficiency apartment in Baishizhou. a

Program Fees

Handshake 302 provides artists with a monthly stipend that is sufficient to meet daily living expense. There are limited funds for materials, which will be distributed based on availability.

Visiting artists must pay for their transportation to and from Baishizhou.

Additional Information

Shenzhen is one of the most exciting cities in the world today. Baishizhou is one of the reasons.