Advance Art Museum • 58 Small Town | A + 2018 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program

2018 A+ Artist In Residence International Exchange Program sponsored by Advance Art Museum and 58 small town, aimed at to the art and the linkage of the new economy, the establishment of national and regional artists and visits and academic exchanges, to further activate the regional ecology of contemporary art. It encourages artists or art groups with independent artistic thinking and breakthrough practice to conduct multiple collision of cultural blending in cities, explore and share artistic practices that meet the spirit of The Times.

During the reside, participants will have the opportunity to participate in city visits, studio opening presentations, academic discussions, salon lectures or related education communication activities, as well as the final exhibition display section. It brings the creative space and possibility of diversity and depth to the participants.

Eligible Applicants

Provide application opportunities for artists, curators or groups with more than 3 years' experience in art creation or curator experience, independent artistic thinking and breakthrough practice. Artists and curators are mainly in the field of contemporary art creation.

Three artists will be chosen for each residency period in July, September and November 2018.

Application Process

Application Form:
(1) To fill out 2018 A+ Artist In Residence International Exchange Program official application form - reside during the working plan, project research, theme and artistic concept sketches or interpretation (not less than 300 words);
download here:
(2) One person's recent life photos and media publicity, one copy of the electronic version of the identity card or passport;
(3) Personal latest English and Chinese resume, and 10 copies of the representative works graphics and text information (WORD format); Image data or media files please send the Internet link address;
Please prepare more complete information, compressed file and send to the Advance Art Museum official email:, subject of the application mail please note: 2018 A+ Artist In Residence International Exchange Program periods + artist name.

Resident Program Cycle:
The first stage:1 - 31 July (Sign-up Deadline:May 30)
The second stage:1-30 September(Sign-up Deadline:July 30)
The third stage:1-30 November(Sign-up Deadline:September 30)


Residing place are locate at 58 Small Town, which is a new offline office ecological and industry development platform build by 58 Group, new district is located in the Xiang Jiang river in Hunan province is located in Changsha, the west lake park, 1200 mu of the west lake, the lake of 7.2 square around the architectural art.

Artists are required to participate in studio open display, academic discussion, salon lectures or related education communication activities, as well as the final exhibition display section.

Program Fees

The arts organization provides for the artist:
- a free round trip airfare or high-speed train, as well as shuttle bus to and from the 58 Small Town
- Creative materials subsidies(2000 RMB)
- Free studio/accommodation
- Free lunch and dinner
- Exhibition space at Advance Art Museum and staff support.

The artists who are selected should provide their own travel insurance.
during the residence period. All other creative materials, living expenses, visa fees, travel insurance, and personal expenses, are the responsibility of the artists.

One of the work created during the stay will be selected by the organizer as a collection of works. The relevant works completed during the stay of the artist shall be owned by the artist, but the related expenses incurred in the transportation of the works shall be handled by the artist.

Additional Information

Weibo/ @前行美术馆
Wechat/ qianxingmeishuguan
add the WeChat of the museum manager, learn more details of the program
地址/前行美术馆:湖南省长沙市天心区太平老街167 号太平里文创社区1F
Address/ Advance Art Museum: 1F Taipingking Community, 167 Taiping Old Street, Tianxin District, Changsha, Hunan, China.
58 Small Town:Xihu Park, Fenglin Road, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan, China.