China ResidenciesI: project space and The Neighbourhood are calling for DJs, VJs, producers, artists, and performers to work in Beijing for a fully-funded two month residency in February & March 2018, in the ever-growing and increasingly idiosyncratic nightclub and electronic music communities in Beijing and China. 

中国艺术交流,I: project space 和 The Neighbourhood 合作举办的以夜生活为主题的全资助性驻留项目正在向各DJ,制作人,艺术家和演员等征集申请函。项目将于2018年2月至3月于北京进行。不限国籍,年龄,性别,才能和兴趣。获选者将在北京及其他城市不断增多并且极具特色的夜店和电子音乐社区中汲取灵感。

✨ this new nightlife residency is

a safe space for unsafe ideas 


"You see the untapped potential of nightclubs as spaces in need of deeper consideration; you agree that the relationship between nightlife and contemporary art has not yet been fruitfully explored. As a producer or DJ, you extend what you do into the visual realm; and/or the visual art that you make is tied up with electronic music and nightclubs." 


China Residencies, I: project space and The Neighbourhood will connect the resident with key protagonists who are leading the discourses on and fusion of visual art & nightclub culture. During the residency, there will be opportunities to perform, exhibit and experiment with the local scene.

中国艺术交流, I: project space 及 The Neighbourhood 将为获选者介绍当地引领视觉艺术,夜店文化的负责人。驻留期间获选者将有机会在当地表演,展示和实验。

This application is open to all,

there are no restrictions on artists’ mediums, age, nationality, ethnicity, gender, or any other criteria.


The chosen resident will get:

  • ✨ A round trip flight to Beijing
  • ✨ Two months accommodation and worskspace at i:project space in February & March 2018
  • ✨ $1,000 USD stipend 
  • ✨ Introductions to local collaborators and project support from our three supporting organizations
  • ✨ Open Studio, resident nights at nightclubs & spaces to perform or exhibit across Beijing

  • 驻留项目包含:
  • ✨ 旅费费用 
  • ✨ 两个月的北京市里工作与生后空间
  • ✨ 1000美金的生活津贴
  • ✨ 接机、欢迎 与项目及周边环境介绍,项目支持和协调
  • ✨ 工作室开放日

  • 请于12月15日前提交在线申请。

Send us your proposals before December 15, 2017 via this link: or by filling out the form below~